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Creativity vs. Conversion: Coolest Ads or Making Money? 

One ongoing conversation in advertising is whether ads should focus more on creativity or just driving conversions. Some say the coolest ads grab attention, while others insist that making sales is what matters. But what if there’s a way to do both?  

Let’s dive into this balancing act between creativity and conversions in advertising. 

The Power of Getting Creative 

Creative ads are like those eye-catching stories or pictures that make you stop scrolling and pay attention. They’re the ones that can make you smile, feel something, or even inspire you. They help brands build a special identity and create a loyal audience. An example is SO&U’s 2018 Mother’s Day campaign where they launched a series of humorous and nostalgic ads that depicted how African mothers traditionally correct their children’s misbehaviour. For example, one ad featured a mother’s iconic “knock” while another showcased the use of slippers as a disciplinary tool. These ads resonated deeply with the audience, rekindling childhood memories and sparking conversations about bonding and discipline within African families. 

Why Conversions Are Key 

Whether you are Uber looking for more riders or Flutterwave seeking to build an emotional connection with budding businesses, what every business wants at the end of the day is improved revenue. That’s what conversion leads to – ultimately building top-of-mind awareness in the people who have seen the ad, into people who buy the product.  

Keeping Up with Trends 

The world is constantly evolving with new technology, trends, and ways of doing things, including finding the right balance between cool ads and money-making ads. The use of research tools to understand consumer needs and then using that info to make ads that hit the mark is a new way forward. This is how brands stay on top of their game and make sure the ads are always on point. 

In the big world of advertising, it is important to make ads that not only catch people’s eyes but also make them reach for their wallets. Balancing creativity to make sales helps businesses create ads that people remember and products that people buy. By understanding what people want and keeping up with the changing times, advertisers can make sure their ads are both cool and profitable.