What’s wrong – The brief

The Ailment:

(What’s wrong – The brief)

Nigeria’s first non-banking credit card servicer O3 Capital tasked us with increasing its online presence and awareness of its product O3 Card, across digital platforms.

Our perception of the problem – The Audit)

The Diagnosis:

Our perception of the problem – The Audit)

One of the first things we did before breaking this marketing campaign, was to research the brand’s target audience. Our findings revealed that audiences were young professionals and business people between the ages of 18 to 50; and they had a digital footprint across various social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) with an immense love for the Big Brother Naija reality show.

(How we approached the problem – The Plan)

The Prognosis:

(How we approached the problem – The Plan)

Our plan was simple! We positioned O3 Cards as a lifestyle brand by leveraging on the biggest reality show in the country.


The Treatment:


The first step in our campaign plan was having a TV spot on the show, where the brand’s audience were required to spot the TV Ad, take a picture or make a video and tag O3 Cards on Instagram and Facebook. We tracked this using the hashtag #SpotO3cardsAd and awarded people for participating.


As the show progressed, we rolled out the O3 cards task for the housemates, where they had to creatively highlight the benefits of each variant of O3 Cards. On social media, the audience were given a chance to participate by voting for their favourite housemates during the game. 


As a final touchpoint, before the show came to an end, we rounded up our campaign by asking fans to predict the show winner and the order of the Top 6 from first to sixth. We also rewarded fans who were able to predict right at the end of the show.


The Result

(What we achieved – The Result)


We achieved a reach of over 1.6Million people, a total impression of 4,200,000, and post engagement of about 778,000 in the 3-month period of the campaign. There were over 100,000 website visits during the campaign duration and an average of 2,500 website visits per day.  Facebook page followers grew from 9,654 to 22,811, Instagram followers increased from below 3,666 to 25,000, and more than 80,000 downloads and sign-ups for the O3 Card app were also recorded.