First Bank Website Relaunch

FirstBank of Nigeria approached us with a need to relaunch the bank’s official website.


The Ailment

FirstBank of Nigeria approached us with a need to relaunch the bank’s official website. Since a company’s website serves as the first point of call for the brand, they urgently needed a campaign that would address the following:

  • Drive increased awareness for the new website 
  • Ensure the target audience appreciate its look and feel 
  • Drive website visits 
  • Use the new website to ensure the brand becomes appealable to the TA

(Our perception of the problem – The Audit)

The Diagnosis

(Our perception of the problem – The Audit)

Upon identification of problems presented to us, we began the process of better understanding the cause and then, creating solutions that would help fill the identified gaps.

The Prognosis:

(How we approached the problem – The Plan)

After diagnosing the gaps that required addressing, we proceeded to develop digital solutions to address the ailment faced by our client. We approached from a standpoint of first developing smart, strategic and innovative digital communications ideas, putting into account Key Performance Indicators to achieve success.

In so doing, we would have a website that serves as a well optimized and user-friendly gateway for all customer applications – enabling FirstBank to gain sustainable competitive advantage, improve user experience, obtain deeper data insights to drive acquisition, including upselling and cross-selling purposes of the Bank’s products and services.

(What we did – Execution)

The Treatment:


Drawing from our experience in developing infectious marketing strategies, we created a plan that included the use of compelling storytelling, strategic SEO and content marketing, email marketing, as well as visually appealing and engaging designs, both static and animated. 

Finally, we fine-tuned our plan to disseminate communications using potent digital marketing strategies, one of which was paid promotions, across the brand’s social media platforms. 

(What we achieved – The Result)

The Result:


By the end of the 3-month-long campaign, we recorded a viral load of 8,923,050 impressions and 341,519 clicks across Facebook, Instagram and Google Search platforms.

The campaign objective of achieving over 277,000 clicks and over 8.9 Million Impressions was achieved, and a total of 2,447,202 people were reached across social media and Google Search Platforms. Also, an average of $0.13 CPC and 2.91% CTR was achieved on all platforms. A website with an average of 22,000 daily visits is what we delivered.