First Bank CR&S Week

FirstBank is one of Africa’s leading banking institutions and its CR&S activities play a large role in the society


The Ailment

FirstBank is one of Africa’s leading banking institutions and its CR&S activities play a large role in the society. Therefore, the brand needed a CR&S awareness campaign addressing the following:
● Internal and external awareness for the FirstBank’s CR & S activities.
● Sustenance of SPARK campaign.
● Brand affinity, association and advocacy.
● Larger audience reach across digital platforms within Nigeria and Africa.

(Our perception of the problem – The Audit)

The Diagnosis

Upon identification of problems associated with FirstBank CS&R campaign, we began the process of diagnosing the ailment to understand the prognosis. 

We performed an audit check which revealed that the brand needed to generate more awareness  to reach FirstBank staff, customers and the public and get them to imbibe and inspire acts of kindness. We proceeded to proffer solutions that would help treat the identified gaps.

(How we approached the problem – The Plan)

The Prognosis

After diagnosing the gaps that required addressing, we proceeded to develop infectious digital solutions that’ll ensure we are able to achieve success by optimizing efforts.

In doing so, we would leverage digital platforms by using content marketing, email marketing, strategic SEO, press ads and fully optimized FirstBank’s social media pages to generate brand loyalty, build awareness and revenue with the CS&R week.

(What we did – Execution)

The Treatment:

Through our in-depth strategy, creative excellence and deep understanding of FirstBank’s CS&R week objectives. We created a contagious digital campaign.
We kick-started the Kindness campaign through internal and external communication channels to reach the staff, customers and public.
For internal communication we made use of email marketing, yammer posts, screensavers, portal banner, email signature banner and SPARK initiative training to engage the staff.
While for external communication we made use of email marketing, social media marketing, press ads, website banner, blog articles, TV broadcast, webinars and community engagement (Visit to less privileged, SPARK School engagement) to engage customers and the public.

(What we achieved – The Result)

The Result:

After a successful campaign, we outdid our Target KPIs for the campaign (Reach 2,000,000 people and achieved 13,300,000 Impressions) with a total of 17,086,551 impressions and 6,290,761 reach achieved across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn Platforms.
The campaign had a total of 305,072 clicks across all platforms. An average of $0.45 CPC and 1.33% CTR was achieved on all platforms.
YouTube achieved a total of 173,169 views on SPARK videos with 58% of views past the third percentile).

Our hashtags #BeKindHeartedToday and #SPARKWeek also trended at number 2 on Twitter with over 5 million reach & 16 million impressions across social media platforms. We also had feature articles in 8 tier 1 dailies.

20,000 underprivileged lives touched including orphans and children with disabilities.