It is every business owner’s dream to have people visit their website in order to make sales, but so many websites today do not achieve this goal as customers sometimes only just visit without making any business transaction on the site. Here are 5 reasons you are not attracting the right people to your website.

Here are 5 reasons your business isn’t attracting the right people to itself

1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Millions of people around the world spend more time surfing the internet on their phones rather than on their laptops. This fact can be further proved by visiting crowded places or even walking on the street. More people prefer doing all their social media dealings using their phones. So, it is very important that you make sure your website is mobile-friendly for prospective clients to comfortably view and navigate via cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Another thing many business owners are unaware of is that Google’s search engine algorithms punish websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, just another reason to ensure your website is mobile-friendly as soon as possible.

2. Your website wasn’t professionally built

People immediately come up with a verdict for your website upon the first few seconds of visiting. So, imagine when you have a website poorly built, it automatically gives a bad impression about your business, sending many potential customers far away from your brand.

A professionally built site must boast of proper coding for good SEO, as well as properly-written meta data to assist in driving traffic to the site when it comes up in search results. Navigation and page layout are also extremely significant features for a high-converting website because readers/clients must easily locate the information they’re looking for. Also, your website should effortlessly give them a logical tour about your business, what it sells and why people should buy from you. Professional pictures, language, and a color-scheme are also important in keeping the right people on your site.

3. Your website content and its structure lack keywords

It is a mere waste of time and effort if you own a website with no keywords or other SEO-critical features incorporated in it. This can simply be likened to you placing an advertisement without including any contact information. Keywords are important to your website so that people can find it organically on search engines. The text, structure [title tags, alt tags, meta data, etc.] of your website must carry keywords to help you generate traffic and sales.

4. No blog or the website doesn’t get new content regularly

If your website has no blog, you’ve mindfully set it up for failure.  Blogs help SEO and are a very important part of an inbound marketing strategy which help to bring new visitors as well as returning visitors to your website. If you still decide against a blog for your website, then make sure to regularly update content on your website. This could be in form of adding pictures, changing keywords, altering headings, making new pages, adding videos or case studies.  When your website is regularly updated with content, new internet users are bound to visit often, an action that can ultimately move your site up in search results.

5. Your WEBSITE home page sucks

So many businesses, companies lose visitors/customers due to their awful homepage, I mean let’s face it, absolutely no one will enjoy using their data to surf a site with a drab homepage. One of the reasons why your homepage should look professional and up to date is, it immediately shows that your business is alive and trustworthy. When a visitor comes to the conclusion that your website is old and has nothing to offer, such person will leave the website immediately.

Also, a great homepage helps introduce your company to the website visitor and gain their interest. Your homepage should boast of modern day technology, words, and outlines and should be able to explain your business to customers, why its products/services are important or unique, and its benefits to the targeted audience.

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