The Brilliant Marketing Strategy of Kiss Daniel’s #FvckYouChallenge

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First off, If you live in Nigeria and you haven’t heard of Kiss Daniel’s #FvckYouChallenge, you live under a rock. It is storytelling at its best. Everyone is in on the rave, even those in Soweto are making covers. Well, almost everyone.

But, can we actually talk about how with just one studio video and the hashtag #FvckYouChallenge, Kiss Daniel has been able to get over 300 people and counting from all over Africa, to make their own covers? Genius starts here.

The #FvckYouChallenge

A little recap. Kiss Daniel officially released the song on the 15th of March and kicked off the challenge with a cover of the song by an artist named Demmievee on the 23th of March, and in just a little over two weeks, everyone in Africa was doing their version. What is this sorcery? We would know. Engaging content.

Like what we do, we couldn’t pass off an opportunity to commend good work when we see one.

How do you engage people from all over on social media without spending a ton?

The answer, give them engaging content.

That’s right. Play on a topic your audience can relate to.

We would applaud Kiss Daniel’s brilliant marketing strategy because, noticeably, he provided engaging content by telling a story. We can only guess who he refers to in his video, but from perception, we conclude it’s a female, as he explains how she takes his love for granted and breaks his heart. Palava.

Celebrity gist has become a people ethic, especially social media, and when your favourite artist encourages you to use his tune to explore your creativity about an unfavourable experience, gladly. What’s more, people could actually have fun with it. This in particular is priceless because it gave people the chance to talk about diverse topics that deserved the tag, #FuckYou. From cheating partners, to dysfunctional security forces and bad governance, people explored.

Another reason this trend is applaudable is its popularity in the social media community despite its restriction to open air stream. We all know it isn’t exactly PG worthy, but c’mon, it is brilliant work.

Now, let’s glean some lessons shall we?
Lesson #1

Storytelling is a proven, effective way to connect with your audience, with or without promotion. We cannot emphasize this enough. Create engaging content and watch your audience do all the work of promoting it for you. Countless times, we’ve seen twitter threads make it to Instagram and WhatsApp just because people could relate to it and therefore be engaged. Always ensure that whatever content you put out on any media platform, tells a story.

Lesson #2

Very importantly, carve yourself a niche in your focus industry. Majority who participated in the #FvckYouChallenge are generally entertainers, with a few others in between. Learn to identify with the people you want to identify your brand with.

Lesson #3

Sometimes, you really don’t have to spend money on good content. Good content will always promote itself.

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