10 Brilliant Game of Thrones Brand Tie-Ins

Guess what? Winter is finally here, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon headed for Westeros.

Guess what? Winter is finally here, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon headed for Westeros.

HBO’s most popular medieval fantasy movie of all time continues to gain momentum on social media with over 10million posts with the hashtag, #GameofThrones. The trailer alone had over 57million views on YouTube.

According to Google, the cumulative statistics of online streaming is over 4 billion. That is what we call a trend.

Although we cannot name them all as there’s an endless list of #GamesofThrones fan art and brand tie−ins, we are however joining the frenzy to list 10 Game of Thrones brand tie−ins we found brilliant!

In no particular order, let’s begin.



    This brand has been in existence for over 200 years but the way they subtly infused themselves into this trend will have you thinking they were a part of the show. Their ability to tie the brand to the White Walker was brilliant. Their post alone got over 126,000 views on Youtube.Naming it The White Walker by Johnnie Walker, the bottle of Whiskey reveals a message saying, “Winter Is Here” when chilled.




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    W̶i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶ FanYogo is here! #GameofThrones

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    If Fan Yogo isn’t the chilliest of all! What with The Night King chilling a fan yogo pack with a touch of his fingers. This post with almost 2k views on Instagram was creative enough to make our list.


    Twitter took the scenic route and gave us a plethora of emojis to use, each customized to fit specific characters. Lovely, don’t you think? Which is your favourite?



    With over 2k likes on Instagram, Nigeria’s king of noodles refuses to relinquish the throne with this miniature makeover of The Iron Throne. Although we would have loved a king on the seat, it still managed to make our list.

  5. KFC

    With over 34k views on Instagram, KFC and Ogilvy Hong Kong go #ForTheThrone with an update to the explosive ‘Hot & Spicy’ campaign just in time for the premiere of #GameOfThrones. We like!


    Famous for their neon green cans, Mountain Dew decided to switch up for Winter. This video with almost 150k views on YouTube and Instagram, borrowed a cue from the beloved Arya Stark. Taking away the green colour and flashy logo, they replaced them with faceless cans. These new cans were stone cold when warm but when chilled, revealed a list commonly referred to as Arya’s kill list.

    A social media competition was run on this with the brand calling on their fans and asking what they would sacrifice for the throne to win a Faceless Can using the hashtags, #ACanHasNoName and #ForTheThrone.

    Check out the campaign here.

  7. OREO

    Oreo took the road less taken, choosing to remake the theme song whilst showcasing the different houses with their variety of cookies. This they deftly dubbed, The Game of Cookies.

    The ad had over 746k views on YouTube.

    The Limited edition packs were open to the public on April 8th, few days to the premiere of the final season.

  8. DUREX INDIA – We’ve GOT You Covered

    Known for their wit and ability to latch on to trends, Durex did not disappoint. Knowing that the final season of the show was set to premiere on the 14th of April, they put out a post playing upon the Game of Thrones acronym, GOT – We’ve GOT you covered. As expected, their fans were elated and rushed to share the content, giving it over 8k impressions on Facebook.

    Check out the post here .


    On the 20th of February, Diageo, the creators of Johnnie Walker, announced the release of a limited edition of single malt scotch whiskies as an expansion of their Game of Thrones line.

    They really didn’t come to play.

  10. ADIDAS

    Not wanting to be left out, Adidas produced a limited collection of running shoes inspired by the seven kingdoms. These pretty sleek shoes have earned over 169k views on Twitter. Maybe we would try them out 😉

    There you have it! Our favourite 10.

    Do you think some brands did it better? Leave a comment, like and share.

    We will be lounging with a pack of Oreos, sipping on some premium #WhiteWalker and watching the final season unfold.

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